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The Team

Roll-On LLC people standing behind the table Roll-On LLC was founded in 2010 by Sandy Mask (Owner/CEO) to provide quality, unique gaming entertainment products. Since inception, Roll-On’s missions remains the same: invent, create and innovate market fresh, new offerings to the gambling/gaming enthusiast, and industry. Roll-On LLC in a casino

So far; success has been found with two new distinctive games. In 2013, Roll-On proudly launched 333's, a competitive rapid rolling dice game. So easy to learn, if you can count-you can play. Available as a home product and on the AppStore. "Roll-Low!"

Most recently; we've invented a fun, fresh way to play an all time favorite.... with a compelling twist. Introducing, 3 Card LowBall Poker, a challenging, fast paced, draw style poker game. Available in both home and casino versions. The casino version provides a "House Edge" of 3.36% "Show-Low!"

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